Preparing for your Hair Removal Program

Here’s What You Should Do Before

Laser Hair Removal is one of the most effective ways for males and females to permanently reduce and remove unwanted body hair.

The most commonly treated areas include the arms, legs, face, chest, back, and bikini area.

Laser Hair Removal consists of using a targeted laser beam to penetrate and destroy hair follicles that produce hair. Results can last three to six months or longer before hair grows back visibly.

A series of six to eight treatments, spaced eight to 12 weeks apart, is usually required for best results.

There are a few things you should do to prepare your skin for the treatment.



Preparing for Your Procedure

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The most common mistake that people make is attending their appointment with a large amount of hair on the area to be treated. This type of hair removal is not designed to remove pre-existing body hair–it ensures that hair will not grow back by slightly damaging the hair follicles, impeding their ability to grow hair.

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It is best to shave the area two to three days before the treatment to ensure that unwanted hair does not have time to grow back, and so that your skin is not experiencing increased sensitivity from the razor.

If you are especially sensitive to pain it may be a good idea to apply a topical numbing cream just before your appointment.

You should also avoid plucking, tweezing or waxing for two to three weeks before your appointment as having irritated or sensitive skin will make the treatment more painful than it has to be.

Preparing well before your treatment can also help you avoid unwanted side effects; if you want your treatment to go smoothly, think ahead! Reduce your exposure to the sun for up to a month before your treatment, and steer clear of synthetic tanners. Having a natural tan or tanning products on your skin can cause damage and skin lightening during the laser hair removal process.

On the day of your appointment

Thoroughly clean the area being treated, and do not apply any lotions. You may also want to wear loose-fitting clothing, since your skin may feel a little sensitive following the treatment, and having clothing constantly rubbing against it will be uncomfortable and potentially painful.

If you follow these tips, your treatment will go much smoother. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when making your appointment. Once you’ve adequately prepared, you’re ready to say goodbye to your old razors and waxing kits, and to enjoy your silky, smooth skin!

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