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Laser Hair Removal Studios in the GTA

NEW Annual Laser Hair Removal Membership

NEW Annual Laser Hair Removal Membership Become a Member and save up to 50% on all treatments. Treatments are: Non-invasive affordable  painless Remove your entire body hair within one year! Annual Membership enrollment fee is ONLY $99.00 designed to offer you the benefits and rewards you deserve. Our Laser Hair Removal membership pricing helps you…
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laser hair removal vs waxing

Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing

Laser hair removal vs waxing Professional Hair Removal methods are no longer a luxury for many they are necessary and affordable for both women. A variety of hair removal methods are available on the market. At times it is hard to choose the most suitable ones, so it is important for an esthetician to educate…
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Stop Ingrown Hairs from Recurring!

Ingrown hairs can be extremely uncomfortable. Laser Hair Removal with Nina L’Allure can remove the problem for good! An ingrown hair is one that has grown back into your skin instead of rising up from it. Sometimes, dead skin can clog a hair follicle. That forces the hair to grow sideways under your skin, rather…
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Five Amazing Benefits of Facials

Facials are so much more than for pampering. They have great benefits to the health and wellness of our skin. Our face is the first impression people see. Having a glowing and radiant, clean, and smooth skin is desired by women and men regardless of their skin type. Let’s look at five amazing benefits of…
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Is Exfoliation Good for the Skin?

Exfoliation helps to stimulate blood flow, bringing it closer to the surface of the skin for a beautiful instant, rosy flush. Exfoliation is the key to glowing skin… especially as we transition through the season changes. Exfoliation gets rid of the built-up dead skin, clogged pores, oil, products, and other nasties sitting on top of…
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laser hair removal services - hands

What are the 3 stages of hair growth? How does that affect Laser Hair Removal?

Hair is made up of 2 parts: the hair follicle and the hair shaft. The hair follicle anchors the hair into the scalp and is made up of the papilla and bulb, both located beneath the scalp. The bulb can be found at the bottom of each strand containing the active cells which grow the hair…
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Laser Hair Removal Oakville

Laser Vs. Razor – Which Hair Removal Technique Provides Better Value for Money ?

In the present age, most of us have a busy schedule and minimal time. We often look for technologically advanced and sophisticated techniques to accomplish the task. Two commonly chosen hair removal solutions for hair removal are razor and laser hair removal technique.  Hair follicle infection, ingrown hair, and razor burn are some of the…
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