Permanent Laser
Hair Reduction

If excessive body hair is a problem, then Permanent Laser Hair Reduction is the answer. A simple and virtually pain free solution to reduce unwanted hair.

A genetically common issue that many men and woman face – Excessive body Hair.

Laser hair reduction treatment is arguably the best non-invasive, aesthetic way to permanently reduce the appearance of unwanted hair. Laser hair reduction is a process that significantly helps to reduce hair growth and increase the manageability of excess hair in the long-term.

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Nina is a specially qualified technician who has experience using all types of laser hair removal technologies. Laser hair removal is regarded as the most effective treatment on most skin types and is the safest in today’s marketplace. The device creates and amplifies a narrow, intense beam of light and laser energy is used to selectively target and disrupt hair follicles whilst leaving the skin unaffected.

At Nina L’Allure the utmost care and attention is given to clients to ensure they are comfortable and happy with their treatment.

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The first stage will be a consultation session given to assess the client’s needs. In a relaxed environment, Nina with her honest advice will ensure whether Laser Hair Reduction is the correct method for the client’s skin.

Nina will advise on the number of treatments recommended and a patch test will be conducted to assess any allergic reaction and ensure the treatment is suitable for your skin.

Call Nina L’Allure today and wave goodbye to the wax strips, razors and tweezers and make hair management a hassle free task.